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Griffins and Chantry Mice

by *asheraa

Title: Sing
Collection: Of Dragons Griffins and Chantry Mice
Characters: Leliana, Alistair, Fem!Warden
Warnings/rating: T for Character death
Word Count: 249

Sweat beaded on her brow and the lump in her throat threatened to choke the life from her. She took a deep breath to try again. Her voice NEVER failed her... 

The note rang pure for a second then cut off with a sob. Heat rose to her face, but her skin remained pale, almost ghostly white in the flickering light of the pyre. 

"Maker, I am so sorry" she whispered, trying to steady her racing heart and her gasping breath. 

Taking a deep breath for a third time, she found herself feeling dizzy. The air was filled with smoke, with incense, with fear, with sorrow, with death. Death. She tried not to think about that underlying sweet sickening smell. 

Another sob escaped and she weaved on her feet. It was too much. She could not do this.

Suddenly a strong arm caught around her waist and held her steady, a splint covered chest held her up, halting her fall. 

The bard looked up at the man who had given up the throne for the woman in front of them, turning to ashes. His once bright face, crumpled in despair, his strong shoulders hunched, his cheeks wet. 

She had to do it. 

She took another breath, and he whispered in her ear. "Leli, we'll sing it together."

Starting softly their voices gradually rose above the roaring fire, one rough and deep, one clear yet broken, singing for the love they had both lost this void cursed day. 

"hahren na melana sahlin..."

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