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“Of all the stupid, idiotic crazy...” Noctoi swore colourfully enough that even Oghren would have been proud as the ominous boom of the massive lock rumbled home.

For the first time in many, many years even Alastair looked fit to strangle the elf as Zevran stepped out of the shadows a few feet away. He was about to expel his own set of expletives when the resounding crack of a hand striking flesh broke the ex templar's train of thought. Zevran stumbled back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and grinned up at noctoi, who was shaking her hand and looking gloriously angry.

“Ah my dear wardens, do not be angry. Did I not promise you that you would not be alone when the time finally came?” He turned to Noctoi with a glint in his eye “And besides, I cannot allow you to have all the fun down here. You have to admit it would have been dreadfully unfair of you both to be gallivanting around in this hot, steamy, private little nook without your dreadfully handsome elf to provide the real entertainment”

“Erm... Zev... you DO realize we're standing on the wrong side of a locked door leading into THE SODDING DEEP ROADS??” Alastair's voice got louder and higher as he spoke. “You shouldn't be here! We have to get you out, we're not coming back!”

“Alastair's right” Noctoi sighed, rubbing her hand through her close cropped black hair in frustration. “There used to be a tunnel a few miles up that was blocked by a cave in, we might be able to clear enough debris for you to get out.”


The Wardens jumped at the vehemence in the elf's voice. He rarely raised his voice and Noctoi had never heard him shout like that before, at least not outside their bedroom anyway and that shouting was for very different reasons. Zevran grasped Alastair's shoulder, and gently stroked Noctoi's cheek, looking from one to the other. He swallowed hard and cleared his throat, trying to keep his voice even.

“Please my dear grey wardens do not ask me to leave.”

“Oh Zev” Noctoi whispered, pulling him into a tight embrace. She gently pushed him back until she could look into his eyes. Alastair rested his forehead on the back of Zevran's head and slid an arm around each of them, his best and closest friends.

“You knew that this day would come Zev” whispered Alastair, a single tear running down his cheek to land on the golden strands of hair “We are Gray Wardens, we die young”.

“Ah, Noctoi, mor de mi vida, Alastair, brother of my heart. Have I not said many times before... For you I would storm the gates of the dark city itself. Where ever you lead I will gladly follow.” Crushing the wardens to him in a fierce embrace he let out a small sob. “Please, do not send me away, I belong at your side, I am yours!”

The three stood there for what seemed like hours and yet no where near long enough, the assassin, his lover the mage, and the ex templar turned brother that they never had. They held each other until the iron set of Noctoi's shoulders finally relaxed, telling the men that she had finally acquiesced. Zevran would join them.

They chatted for a while, wandering deeper underground until the wardens gasped and shuddered under the screech of taint invading their minds. The rumble of a troll leading up the first wave of darkspawn was felt further up the tunnel the three stopped and looked at each other one last time.

“Well my friends,” said Zevran with a ferral grin and an evil glint in his eye “Those bastards may kill us while we are young, but at lease WE get to die pretty!”

Laughing like slightly feral children in a candy store, they charged into the oncoming horde.


A/N  Just a short peice (I'm not up on the fic lingo... is this technically a drabble??) for the Live Journal Tuesday prompt fest.  Appologies for the roughness of this peice. It was written on my phone while on my tea break so it's finished in 15 mins, really roughly edited and completely un-beta'd. I hope it's not too patchy. 

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