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I know that this has been flashed around a bit, but I honestly don't feel right not posting it on all my journals and groups as well. 
As most of you will already know, ff.net is experiencing something of a purge lately. People's works are being deleted by the mods of the site, and in some cases entire accounts are being banned. Now I thought at first that this might have been a crackdown on PWP because it does mention in the site rules that this is frowned upon. 
crimsonberry (over on DA) mentioned in a post recently though, that the people reporting these so called site violations are literally ganging up on the writers and leaving comments like the ones below en masse. The poor writers are spending hours (and in some cases months and years for ongoing fics) on their works only to be abused, bullied and then having their work deleted without notice. 
Some of their comments (from crimsonberry 's  post) :
" Take dares only through PM, write in traditional story format and remove the song lyrics. If you don't want to do these simple fixes, then take this shitfic somewhere else. Reported."
" I wonder why in the hell you thought putting up this bucket of toxic waste here was a good idea? You obviously know interactive shit like this breaks the rules so you had to do it on purpose. On the other hand, this is as fun as letting a bear rip off your face so you fail at humor, too. Move this crap to deviantart or mediaminer, otherwise you'll get reported."
" Two things. One, your story format is shit. Two, according to the rules of the page, you can't write in chat. Therefore I have reported your toxic crap."
" God, this is a bigger piece of shit than what I was expecting. Do you try to suck this hard or is it a natural talent? Because this was as funny as having to eat shit straight out of a baby's anus and I wonder why you thought it would be funny. On the other hand, this is chat format and it breaks the rules of the site. Therefore it is reportable."
If you read or write fan fic, or even feel strongly about art being sacred, then please please please head over to http://www.change.org/petitions/fanfiction-net-stop-the-destruction-of-fanfiction-net# and sign the petition. 

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